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The Mad Professor "All About Sex" Blog
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Cash in On the Mad Professor "All About Sex" Blog--Free Editorial that Pays You!

Edge Interactive Publishing announces The Mad Professor, "All About Sex" Blog--a branded editorial feed in both html and xml formats that can plug into your website and which contains a daily taste of something interesting about sex.

Each blog contains a picture, copy block, and a link to a corresponding page inside the mega-fetish website, Picticon.com. The syndication also permits webmasters to pass a CCbill affiliate code as an argument in the url string and earn revenue from any sales produced.

The Mad Professor is the notorious author of the Picticon, the Mad Professor SexFo columns at the now defunct Klixxx, and a contributor to Ynot. The "All About Sex" Blogs are and will be short, concise one paragraph rants about all things sexual, and targeted toward surfers who have eclectic tastes, adore fetish and time travel, yet still enjoy bang-bang. Although the Picticon most certainly includes X-rated content, it is the intention that the images of the Blog will have mainstream appeal.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Signup. Add your account to the Picticon/CCbill affiliate program. Write down your affiliate code, that's all you need.


2) Link to the Mad Professor Blog inside your webside...or your frame. All you need to do is replace the 123456 with your affiliate code:


3) Take the money. Every settlement period Ccbill will mail you a check for 50% of all revenue generated by your traffic. They take the money and they pay you.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. We do all the rest:

* At least four times a week we will update today.shtml with a new Mad Professor's Blog. Each update contains a full-size image, and a short commentary by his Madness, and a link to a related page deep within the Picticon Preview.

* You get the editorial syndication free to run from your site--something interesting to keep your surfers engaged. It's a tasty breath of free air with mainstream appeal.

* Furthermore, you get paid. If your visitors link into the Picticon, our 7200 page, 225,000 picture, 2200 video, 1 million word mega-fetish extravaganza, you earn half of their money on all joins recurring. For doing nothing. 150 categories, 200 collections. Content from 1880 to 1980 to tomorrow.

* And we maintain the Picticon. For the past seven years we added an average of over two scenes a day. Different, engaging, exclusive, and dripping with editorial wrap-around. We maintain the blog, we serve the blog, we handle the compliance.

What's not to like? Okay, you have to 1) Get a ccbill affiliate ID, 2) copy one line of html and add your code at the end, and 3) take the money.

As an alternative, you can take the Mad Professor's Blog as an RSS feed. The xml feed does not include an automatic affiliate code so if that is a preferred delivery for you then you need to combine your affiliate code with any of the Picticon's more than 2500 promotional banners, skyscrapers, and ad graphics--there are six ad sizes to choose from for each of over 400 different collections, categories and fetishes.

   Email publisher@goedge.com, or best, call 212-581-3000. Or just do it. Or if you think we need to finesse the form-factor, just tell us. Your opinion matters. We want to make money together.

   You can find all the past today.shtml blogs which pass the affiliate link here:
A Little Red on the Nipple M20090518 (1)
Meet Charlie Nice Tattoo M20090519 (1)
New York City Clubkid Happy Nudes M20090520 (1)
Is Aly Bound for Real? M20090521 (1)
Aphrodesia M20090522 (1)
body art
Anthropology M20090524 (1)
Art The Naked Harem M20090526 (1)
bathtub wet
Justine Naked & Wet & Real M20090528 (1)
bathtub wet
What is Fetish Anyway? M20090530 (1)
butt crack flashing
Laurie Flashes Her Butt Crack M20090602 (1)
butt crack flashing
Adriannaq Wet Butt Fetish M20090604 (1)
punk girl mousetrap nipple
Kumi Mousetrap Tit M20090607 (1)
naked voyeur candid bathroom
Katie Naked Candids M20090609 (1)
naked voyeur candid shower
Jess Naked Shower Candids M20090612 (1)
naked tattoos piercing biker chick SUV
Charlie Naked in the Cab M20090614 (1)
club kids flashing boobs
Liz & Masayo Titty Teasers M20090616 (1)
Biker babe flashing tit
Pest Tattooed Tit M20090618 (1)
topless tattooed pierced
Joni Wildcat Pierced & Tattooed M20090621 (1)
belly stripper striptease
Krystal Belly... More to Come? M20090624 (1)
Casino de Paris postcard AN Paris Josane
Josane--Dancer at Casino de Paris M20090628 (1)
Dehan--Dancer at Folies Bergère PC Paris postcard
Dehan--Dancer at Folies Bergère M20090706 (1)
Rotol Italy Postcard Pinup 1960s
Italian Postcard Pinups Censored Tits M20090708 (1)
Anna May Wong Pinup Dancer 1930s
Anna May Wong Bare-Belly Pinup M20090710 (1)
Ami Dominatrix Messy Food Femdom
Ami Forces Jason to Eat Her Tit M20090714 (1)
Kim Fielding Lulu Lingerie Bra Garter
Lulu Timeless Lingerie Lovely M20090718 (1)
Kim Fielding Kelly Webb Thrust
Kelly Webb and Thrust All-Girl Band M20090722 (1)
Kim Fielding Candids Pull Panties Up
Kim Zeitner Pulls Her Panties Up M20090726 (1)
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black Kembra Pfahler
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black M20090730 (1)
Tajah Demi-bra panties bottomless fingerfuck lingerie
Tajah Languid Lingerie Luxury M20090804 (1)
Megumi Oishi Leggy Upskirt Japanese
Megumi Oishi Leggy Upskirt Japanese M20090808 (1)
Fire Island 1988 Maillot Swimsuit
Fire Island Beach Swimsuit 1988 M20090814 (1)
Picticon Photographers Page
All Collections Page M20090818 (1)
Bikini Babe 1990
Vintage 1990s BBS Bikini Girls M20090827 (1)
Russian Topless Tease
Inna Nipple Peek M20090830 (1)
Jamison Smoke and Mirrors
Jamison Smoke and Mirrors M20090902 (1)
Norma Shearer Ziegfeld Alfred Cheney Johnston
Norma Shearer Ziegfeld Audition Nudes M20090906 (1)
Japanese Topless Beach and Underwater Nude
Topless Beach and Underwater Nude M20090915 (1)
Andie Big Boobs Pierced Nipples
Andie Naked Office Worker M20090922 (1)
Liquid Latex femsub
Liquid Latex Hands Up M20090928 (1)
Nude Jaccuzi Masturbation
Trinity Bathtub Moment M20091001 (1)
Bib boobs undress nude
Lana Big-boob Striptease M20091008 (1)
Bib boobs oiling nude
Coco Big-boob Oiling M20091012 (1)
Bib boobs lotion nude
Galka Big-boob Lotion M20091015 (1)
Shannon Rush big boobs tease
Shannon Rush Big-boob Tease M20091019 (1)
Pantyhose Striptease Gyno
Lena Naughty Hose Striptease M20091023 (1)
Picticon Categories Page
The Picticon Categories M20091027 (1)
Raine Topless Candid Polaroid
Raine That First Polaroid M20091101 (1)
Strip Joint Topless Candids
Calypso Inside Strip Joint Candids M20091105 (1)
Strip Joint Nude Toy
Anita Cannibal Backstage Business M20091118 (1)
Cherri Poppin' and Marley Murphy
Anita Cannibal Backstage Business Fetish Fun M20091122 (1)
Free Hosted Galleries and Picticon Portals
Free Hosted Galleries and Picticon Portals M20091206 (1)
Kitty Voyeur Views
Kitty Voyeur Views M20100105 (1)
Sex Machines
Sex Machines -- A New Dubya M20100204 (1)
Sex Machines
Austin Rides a Sybian M20100317 (1)
Aria Giovanni
Aria Giovanni Hose Hole and Honey M20100409 (1)
Picticon Messy Green Girl Miky
Miki Messy Green Girl M20100502 (1)
Picticon Goopy Yellow Girl Miky
Miki Goopy Yellow Girl M20100511 (1)
Naked in Public
Minsa Naked Roller Blades M20100602 (1)
Joanna Angel Topless Porn Star
Joanna Angel Topless M20100702 (1)
Ulla Vintage Rope Bondage
Ulla Vintage Rope Bondage M20100710 (1)
Princess Panty Pulldown
Princess Panty Pulldown M20100715 (1)
Keiko Panty Pullaside
Keiko Panty Pullaside M20100815 (1)
Klin Boobs and Panties
Klin Boobs and Panties M20101015 (1)
Temptrix Doffs Her Panties
Temptrix Doffs Her Panties M20101102 (1)
Sasha Doffs Panties
Sasha Teases Her Panties Off M20101106 (1)
Sindar Backyard Bikini Doff
Sindar Backyard Bikini Doff M20101114 (1)
Devilyn Tattooed and Tied Up
Devilyn Tattooed and Tied Up M20101120 (1)
Chaos Unhook Bra
Chaos' Bra is Unhooked M20101201 (1)
Chaos Unhook Bra
Chaos' Breasts are Examined M20101220 (1)
Bra Strapoff
April Demonstrates Double Strapoff M20110103 (1)
Bra Striptease
Galka Pushes Her Bra Down M20110110 (1)
Bra Striptease
Frederick Pushes Frio's Bra Down M20110125 (1)
Bra Striptease Areolage Strapoff
Ilsa Strapoff Areolage M20110128 (1)
Bra Striptease Strapoff
Beverly Spills Her Tits M20110217 (1)
Bra Striptease Flashing Tits
Misty Winters Unhooks the Front Hooker M20110225 (1)
Bra Striptease Flashing Tits
Heidi Halter Single Boob Flash M20110301 (1)
Halter Striptease Flashing Tits
Heidi Halter Double Boob Flash M20110310 (1)
Halter Striptease Flashing Tits
Andie Up-Boob Rising M20110315 (1)
Halter Striptease Flashing Tits
Andie Up-Boob Risen M20110323 (1)
Halter Striptease Squeezing Tits
Andie Up-Boob Risen M20110325 (1)
Halter Striptease Flashing Tits
Heidi Up-Boob Inspection M20110327 (1)
Alt Porn Nipple studs Flashing Tits
Cupcakes Squeezes Her Boobs M20110329 (1)
Emily Parker Pasties and Boobs
Emily Parker Pasties and Boobs M20110418 (1)
Emily Parker Pasties and Boobs
Ms. 1960s Bikini Bra Tease M20110502 (1)
Gia tattooed chest blowjob dildo
Gia Honey Face Humiliation M20110518 (1)
Jinsu breast bondage hot wax
Jinsu Bound and Waxed Breasts M20110521 (1)
LC691064_Love_Camp_7 bondage torture
Love Camp 7 Sexplotation Film M20110523 (1)
Capeta downblouse nipple
Capeta Downblouse M20110527 (1)
Panda cage bikiki
Panda Blue Spider Bikini M20110605 (1)
House of Sin
Long Jean Silver House of Sin M20110705 (1)
Tanaka BDL
Tanaka Bound Lesbians M20110707 (1)
Flashing Tits
Donna O'Leary Flashes Her Tits M20110713 (1)
Andie Land
Andie Land Plays Doctor M20110716 (1)
Donna O'Leary
Donna Cuffed in Bathtub M20110722 (1)
Page Richards
Page Richards in the Bedroom M20110724 (1)
Krystal Cute Gyno Girl
Krystal Cute Gyno Girl M20110726 (1)
Yumeka Takami
Yumeka Takami Business Bondage M20110728 (1)
Party on the Dock and Boat
Party on the Dock and Boat M20110730 (1)
Party on the Dock and Boat
Kristina Red Hose and See-through Outside M20110801 (1)
Capeta Red and White Cock Teaser
Capeta Red and White Cock Teaser M20110803 (1)
Noriko Hamada
Noriko Hamada Open Fetish M20110805 (1)
Chichi Pole Dancer
Chichi Pole Dancer M20110807 (1)
Chaos Sunlight Body Nudes and Positions
Chaos Sunlight Body Nudes and Positions M20110809 (1)
Gen-X Bondage 4
Gen-X Bondage 4 M20110811 (1)
Swimsuit Gals and Guys
Swimsuit Gals and Guys M20110813 (1)
Allison and Salem
Allison and Salem M20110815 (1)
Carol Bedroom Voyeur
Carol Bedroom Voyeur M20110817 (1)
Christina Bedroom Candids
Christina Bedroom Candids M20110823 (1)
Burme Hangin' Hooters
Burme Hangin' Hooters M20110824 (1)
Butch Party Dress Doff
Butch Party Dress Doff M20110825 (1)
Double Mistresses
Double Mistresses M20110827 (1)
Olga Beach Buggy
Olga Beach Buggy M20110831 (1)
Sara Shimada
Sara Shimada M20110902 (1)
Girl from Billy Bob's
Girl from Billy Bob's M20110904 (1)
Sonja Striptease
Sonja Striptease M20110907 (1)
Page Progression
Page Progression M20110909 (1)
Jeanne Silver
Jeanne Silver on a Harley M20110911 (1)
Slave Heidi
Slave Heidi on a Rooftop M20110913 (1)
Gabriella Ritual M20110915 (1)
Gretchen Leather and Cape M20110917 (1)
Bamby Red Devil M20110919 (1)
Mistress Tyre and Cherry Poppins
Mistress Tyre and Cherry Poppins M20110922 (1)
Trisha Uptown
Trisha Uptown at Internext 2007 M20110924 (1)
Venus Geisha M20110927 (1)
Cori Day
Cori Day on the Beach M20110929 (1)
Lisa Tyler
Lisa Tyler Hogtied M20110930 (1)
Sugimoto M20111001 (1)
Witch Candie
Witch Candie M20111003 (1)
Liz Tyler
Liz Tyler M20111007 (1)
Sarah Higgins
Sarah Higgins M20111009 (1)
Gia Hogtied
Gia Hogtied M20111013 (1)
Sandy Spreads
Sandy Spreads M20111015 (1)
Survivor Girl
Survivor Girl M20111017 (1)
Kitten Audition M20111102 (1)
Rei Natsuma Exposes Herself M20111122 (1)
Seka Ultra Flesh
Seka Ultra Flesh M20120130 (1)
Seka Ultra Flesh
Boxin Spandex Striptease M20120401 (1)
Sandra North Bikini Pinup 1959
Sandra North 1950s Bikini Pinup M20120424 (1)
Sheree Bessire / Sheree North Bikini Pinup 1952 Frolic
Sheree Bessire / Sheree North Bikini Pinup M20120428 (1)
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