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Ami Forces Jason to Eat Her Tit
In a shift of gears the Mad Professor turns again to the collections of Kim Fielding, of Private Parts in Public Places fame. His Madness continues a marathon effort to redeploy the late 1990s classic CD into the Picticon. Fielding photographed New York's Lower East Side during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and his portraits on the street, Picticon. Fielding photographed New York's inside nightclubs, and of club kids poised in his studio, and boyfriends and girlfriends caught akimbo are priceless.
Ami Dominatrix Kim Fielding
"You can't get there from here," is how one critic put it, and another, "you have to do the hoofing to collect the work." The Mad Professor is interested not in mindless repetition; he seeks the interesting, the different, the moment. Ami is a Fielding discovery, but this Clit Club dancer makes many appearances in the Picticon.
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