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Tanaka Bound Lesbians
Every once in a while, you might come across erotica that resembles movie stills in its quality of lighting, talent, and exposition. Such is the erotica produced by Tanaka over a decade ago. These beautiful images strongly resemble the sights of East Asian drama shows and movies of the period--save for what's being depicted. In this gallery, two beautiful girls--Sayuri and Minami--pose together in light kinbaku. Everything about this set is warm and welcoming--the soft earthy appearance of the tatami and the fabrics, the rope, the girls themselves, their flowing hair. Japan has had hundreds of years in practice of nawa shibari; the calmness and dignity of that old art is well understood by its modern artists.
Tanaka Japansese Bondage Lesbians
Let some delicious nostalgia sink in, reader, from the Tanaka lesbian bondage section of The Picticon. Perhaps you've seen small fragments of these collections before, out there in the dark corners of the Internet. Perhaps you barely remember them. We have them all, however.
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