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Swimsuit Gals and Guys from the Early 1990s
Today we have a throwback for you: Swimsuit Gals and Guys from the Early 1990s. Picture, if you will, that idyllic age--the youth of Generation X, the rise of personal computers, elegant and brand-new E34 BMWs and W126 Mercedes. Post-Soviet, post-OPEC crisis, post-Desert Storm Pax Americana. Clerks, Bill and Ted, Saturday morning 80s cartoons.... Somehow that age seems cleaner, calmer, brighter. Even the grunge of society didn't look as bad. Picture Carlito's Run or the inner-city hoods from Michael Jackson's Beat It.
Swimsuit Gals and Guys
Naturally this would also be a time noted by hardbodies (as an eponymous contemporary film called them) on the beaches, like the beauty you see above. That image could well be a movie still, don't you think? A number of other sets from the decade can be seen in the Vintage 90s Glamour and Nudes category of the Picticon.
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