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Italian Postcard Pinups Censored Tits
The Mad Professor was trolling ebay last night--he started with a specific want list but ended up far afield. When he stumbled across these Censored Titties he first reaction was to close the file and back away--something about the awfulness of censorship--but then he reconsidered, revisited, and decided to harvest. There is something very sexy about the censor here; and the Mad Professor thinks it is the decision to locate that most erotic part of the body--the nipple--and touch it. With an overprint, and ink pasty, a marking of territory.
Rotolcolor Postcard Italy Topless Bikini Censored
Two different publishers are represented in this small collection from the Vintage 1960s Collections of the Picticon. One of the overprints embosses a string of gold stars atop the tits, this publisher lays a delicate snowflake right atop the aureola and nipple. Don't worry, nips are easy to come by; censor marks are, thank goodness, more scarce.
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