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Raine That First Polaroid
Not everybody gets the free run of the dressing rooms at a strip club, but Mike Hammer does, and Raine is just one of a collection of Mug Shot Polaroids he gathers--along with a model sheet--of the dancers at Daydreams, a shake shack in Pennsylvania. The gals who sign the release get to participate in the Stripper Contests.
Raine Polaroid Candid Topless
Raine is running around naked backstage, and she flashes a smile for this quick Polaroid candid; it's Mike's first encounter. She's got good spark, Mike will shoot her on stage, then after, back at the motel room--strip and pink layouts, maybe some toys, and maybe a trip to the city. But it begins here; a stolen moment you will find only in the Picticon.
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