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Lulu Timeless Lingerie Lovely
Another of Kim's artful dodgers is Lulu, party girl extraordinary, and whom you will find dressed and naked on various pages of both the Private Parts in Public Places section as well as the Parties and Performances. Lulu Hell Cat Striptease is the name of this scene, and it combines Lulu's great expressions, Kim's artful photography, and delightful exposures, only in the Picticon.
Kim Fielding Lulu Lingerie
The Mad Professor was talking the other day with a colleague from Montreal about the difference between the still image and the video. "Visual-verbal vs acoustic-tactile," he solemnly nods, true to McLuhan, finger raised. "Permanent vs fleeting. The difference between looking at a map and listening to your GPS unit." Hummm. All that. And if he were here he might add, "And look at those eyes! Look at those breasts! See...she's timeless!"
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