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Picticon Webmaster Resources
This section contains tools and information for webmasters, members of the media, industry persona, and bloggers. The resources are designed to help webmasters who are interested in affiliate relationships, the Picticon Plug-in, content licensing across all media, specialized site deployments, blog syndication, and record-keeping.

The Affiliate Signup is below left.

The Banner Farm includes a variety of banners at several popular resolutions; beyond this artwork please know that ALL the Picticon thumbnails and skyscraper is available for marketing partners.

Webmaster Links include exchanges as well as references to clients and services.

The Press Release and Announcements are out attempt to tell our own story.

The Free Hosted Galleries are akin to thumbnail gallery posts and contain free pictures and links into many Picticon Scene Preview Pages.

The Mad Professor "All About Sex" Blog is a frequent copy and picture blog which includes an affiliate code. Webmasters get free editorial and affiliate revenue.

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Banner Farm
Webmaster Links
Press Releases & Announcements
Press Releases
Free Hosted Galleries
Free Hosted
Mad Professor All About Sex Blog
Mad Professor
Sex Blog
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