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Art: The Naked Harem
After digressing on Aphrodesia and Anthropology the Mad Professor now squints at the remaining term (from the Taschin slogan): Art. The Mad Professor likes art and it is his desire to share it also with his surfers. The way to see art as sexy is to try to look into the head-space of the painting or graphic.
Charles Gatewood Fetish Girls
SexFo does not get better than this Harem Baths painting by Jean-Leon Gerome from 1876. Like all best fantasy it builds a rich dimensional environment with an engagement. The proposition--naked models lounging about the harem, the interaction with the hookah-san--just entering this quasi-real world is aphrodesia, anthropological (one culture's depiction of another), and art (because it is magnificent in color and light and bodies and action and idea and more). See more at The Picticon.
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