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Love Camp 7 Sexplotation Film
Today the Mad Professor shall offer you a history lesson! Behold, our selection of production stills from Love Camp 7, a darling specimen of the Women in Prison (WiP) genre of lurid sexploitation film--a genre that was the successful in-between for a neurotic cinema that was afraid of asserting its sexuality, and the full-blown BDSM that we know and love today.
   Love Camp 7 is the titillating tale of a pair of two female British officers on an oh-so-foolhardy mission to infiltrate a Nazi prison camp (as prisoners, no less) in order to obtain some MacGuffin or another. There is, of course, a lot of rape, humiliation, torture, and the like in store for them. This movie was quite advanced for 1969, but then again, 1969 was quite an advanced year.
Love Camp 7 bondage BDSM
This Wikipedia entry about Love Camp 7 details its surprisingly good production values, and relatively good torture scenes compared to even the limp-wristed whipping of 1970s and 80s WiP cinema. We at the Picticon are purveyors of fine exploitation films, and vintage erotica in general. We welcome you to take a look at our other selections from the 1960s and 1970s.
   On a side note, two more meaningful links to you, dear readers. The Celluloid Teapot, while it was being updated, was a fine blog of exploitation films - all its archives are still up. Moreover, spy a glance at the Encyclopedia of WiP Films lovingly assembled by a fan in true 90s style (no kidding).
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