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Joanna Angel Topless
You have to remember that the Mad Professor is a hunter. A collector of art and ideas. And today? Altporn. Alt-porn. Alt porn. How does one spell it? The fusion of the body art movement and pornos, the sensual and the sexual. Joanna Angel of Burning Angel represents the genre both at its superior instinct for aesthetic presentation and hardcore. Wikipedia credits her as an American entrepreneur, altporn model, hardcore pornographic actress, director, writer, and former stripper and exotic dancer.
Joanna Angel Topless Porn Star
The Mad Professor doesn't want to step too far into a debate such as this, quoted from Wikipedia, "Many members of the alt porn community disagree on the definition of alt porn. Some consider it mostly an aesthetic quality while others see it as having a more ideological definition. This includes controversies over whether alt porn sites and videos should restrict themselves to softcore pin-up photography or include more sexually explicit hardcore content, whether alt porn need be explicitly feminist or not, and whether alt porn venues should present models of all genders and a range of body types rather than just conventionally attractive young women." Certainly the Mad Professor is interested in all of this, and one will find in the Picticon, hopefully, content both narrow and mixed. This image is taken at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007, courtesy drivenbyboredom, flickr.com and used by permission of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 2.0 Generic License.
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