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Kim Fielding Private Parts & Public Places Gateway
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Kim Fielding photographed this amazing collection during a half-decade of crazed living in New York's Lower East Side. What makes it amazing? it's intimacy, diversity (in sexual appeal), its artfulness, and the shear volume of hoofing involved. Sometimes the pictures are pristine masterpieces, sometimes the action is just too fast. The Mad Professor values them because it is real: real girlfriends shaving their legs, real boyfriends naked in Central Park, transvestites on parade, Thrust at CBGBs. Other pictures are carefully worked out: female Jesus, tungsten Oriental nudes, a furry butt, latex sheet nudes. Gay, lesbian, straight, solo, lingerie, body paint, wigs, interracial big cocks, personalities. For surfers who appreciate that "you can't always get there from here," Kim Fielding provides a way. WARNING: These are 1800 resolution images!
unexpected sophisticates sophisticated sophisticate caucasian
transvestites voyeur candids publicpr unawares
Click below and jump into the FREE PREVIEW of two Collections: KIM FIELDING takes you to the photoshoots, and FIELDING CLUBS takes you along in a descent downtown and back in time. Click PICTICON MAIN to see all 250,000 clips & pictures, 7500+ pages, 200 collections, and 150 fetishes. Click CLUBS PARTIES for the Picticon's amazing collection of Bands, Performances, And click CANDIDS, another Category Collection that is also a Fielding stronghold.
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