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K.V.i.B. Bathing Beauties Scholarship
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These five free pictures demonstrate a commitment to excellence whenever you encounter the Picticon. All of them emanate from a single publisher, K.V.i.B. in Germany around 1905-1908. Information about the series, the costumes and models, and information on the printing techniques is carefully researched. If you click on the bottom left icon below you will go directly to this set, the other bottom links take you to various parts of the Picticon Vintage World. Warning: all of these images are significant high resolution.
professionals professional caucasian beachespr glam1900s
What is exciting about Picticon is not always seeing the same old same old. In the KViB set you experience in a single place on the Internet the largest collection of these extremely popular postcards. They were made in the millions and continue to be traded on ebay. Some of our scans are from original cards, and some are jpg blowups. We have chosen to sacrifice quality for completeness but we invite collectors, fans, zines and bloggers to share with us even more and better copies and of course receive complementary memberships to the "biggest database of sex pictures and videos on the web!"--The Picticon.
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