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Butt Crackers and Cracking Ass
Butt cracking is a noble sport, often played in the public arena by girls who put their backside on display purposefully--and quite unawares. Be it the beach with a too low-rise bikini, or sitting down so the shirt rides up and the pants ride down, the Picticon has collected examples of this phenomena for over 30 years. When commando girls haven't provided enough examples, we've ordered that each girl auditioning roll down the back of their panties and offer a few snaps. The crack of the ass is a joy to behold.
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Butt cracks, the crack of the ass, ass crack, backside cleavage, the plumber's crack, plumberscrack...in the Picticon we call it posterior rugage, or rugage for short. Why? Because that is the name fore this part of anatomy. We have a keyword called "butt" which flags some of the thousands of girls who get bare-assed, but the diligent pornophile really will need to use the search. Sorry to be complicated about it, but the Picticon is not your trivial website. Click search, enter "rugage" and go for it. Search out some other stuff too, or click any of the other entry points and...have fun! See all the thumbs and text for free, and join when you want to harvest.
Explore the PictIcon for Videos, Pictures, and Ideas about Sex!
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