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Bare Beautiful Breasts Teasing and Touched
I bent over his desk seductively teasing my new associate with a fleeting glimpse of my big-breasted cleavage. I could feel his eyes undressing my giant tits so I leaned in further. Without thinking, he slipped his hand up my shirt and unhooked the back of my DD bra. I began to get horny. My large, natural boobs pressed against the tight, constricting blouse I was wearing. I chose it because it was low cut, and because the sheer fabric extenuated my voluptuous curves. Button by button my top was removed freeing my breasts for erotic stimulation. His finger circled my bare areola slowly, making my pink nipples hard. My soft, lickable breasts were his to grasp. Pinching my perky nipple firmly, he used his other hand to stimulate my wet little fuck hole. I could see his partially erect cock stiffen as he groped me and played with my pussy in determination. His touch was firm, yet gentle, and I was so hot that I couldn't get enough of it. The way he rubbed my breasts made me tingle all over. My arousal peaked. I could hold back no longer. It was time to welcome my new associate to the office. I leaned over him slowly, brushing my lips against his ear as I whispered, "I want you to thrust your dick in and out between my sexy cleavage and tittie-fuck me senseless."
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