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Flappers & the Roaring Twenties
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With the twenties came the Flappers and a new sense of fun. Girls were pushing new limits in public exposure. Bathing costumes gave way to form-fitted suits which showed off a girl's shapely legs. And finally, the secret was out-- the girls just wanted to have fun.

See Lydia, Leo and the other Paris teases who model topless and even hair nude. Underarm hair is both present and not, and pubes are occasionally shaven. Postcard please!
roaring twenties flappers 1920s glamour 1920s glam1920s
Click below the see free thumbnails of these and thousands of other girls from all ages. The flapper bathing suits are wholesome 1920s and come from PC Paris, Noyer, REX and others. You can go sniff around and do everything but open the thumbnails--for FREE. Then become an Unlimited Member.
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