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Spanking Bruised & Battered Pics
"I'm sorry daddy, I'll be good!" cries Alissa as her master reaches for the bamboo cane hanging ominously on the wall. He bends her over his knee forcefully, lifts her skirt, and pulls her cotton panties down around her thighs. THWAP! It is too late. The cane smacks right across the center of her bottom leaving a swollen red welt behind. THWAP THWAP THWAP!!! Alissa's body convulses helplessly as the cane stings her creamy white ass leaving her battered and bruised. Many whacks and many yelps of intolerable pain later, Alissa learns to obey....
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Do you like to watch the butts of helpless submissive slaves turn bright red when they get punished by intense whippings, beatings, floggings, canings, spankings and paddlings? Can't get enough of the leather, rubber, and wooden torture devices and the marks they leave behind? Cum get tied up in the Picticon's exciting world of role-playing! Whether you are a controlling top or a worthless bottom, the Picticon will dominate your fantasies again and again. Our vast selection of assorted corporal punishment is UPDATED regularly with EXCLUSIVE NEW CONTENT, and best of all, ALL of our thumbnails are FREE!!! Spank one out at the Picticon today. You'll thank yourself later.
Explore the PictIcon for Videos, Pictures, and Ideas about Sex!
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