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Gagged but Not Forgotten
Are you tired of yelling the same questions over and over again at worthless, disobedient submissive slave bitches who just can't keep their mouths shut? Well then the Picticon is the perfect place for you!!! We've already tackled, tied, and gagged these naughty little femsubs. Come to the Picticon to see them wriggle, writhe, and drool all over themselves helplessly. We offer thousands of photos depicting pretty ladies silenced by a variety of gag-like torture devices.
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Click below to visit the Picticon for a step-by-step guide on how to stuff a defiant oral orifice, silence it, restrain it, and still manage to keep it available for your own deviant uses. Soiled panties make an excellent throat stuffer. See big round ball gags, set behind the teeth, and then roller-buckled tight and padlocked firmly in place. No tongue is going to push that out! We show hole gags that keep her teeth apart and let us control her diet. "Open wide!" 'cause our spreaders keep lips and teeth wide apart, and the tongue easy to clamp.
Explore the PictIcon for Videos, Pictures, and Ideas about Sex!
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