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Lust and Taboo The Victorians
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Toss away those perceptions: the Victorian models weren't shy. There seems always to have been those dirty French postcards, but pornography really exploded with the invention of photography. The women were Rubinesque by our standards, but their rounded bellies, lush butts and full breasts represent classic beauty even today. The PictIcon captures the risqué images--ranging from coy over the shoulder glances, to full-frontal nudity--often in stereo vision.
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Click below the see free thumbnails of ALL of our Victorian women. We have painted beach scenes, early photography, illustration and cartoons, bathing suits, showgirls, mythology, Dageurreotypes, Mybridge, Orientalists, steel engravings, and even hardcore erotica. Become an Unlimited Member or just cruse the free pages to see why they thought the piano legs needed to be covered. It seems they may have had something else on their minds. Join PictIcon: Sexfo for the sophisticated pornophile!
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