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Bloody Fantasies & Ritual Cuttings
Ritualistic bloodplay has been practiced for centuries. It encompasses all ends of the spectrum including rites of passage, alternate states of mind, drinking it, mixing it, playing in it, bloodlettings, scarification, suspension, bloodbaths, and more. The heart pumps blood creating a pulse that can be felt in numerous parts of the body inviting someone to slice open a vein just to watch it bleed. This crimson bodily fluid is especially enticing as it circulates throughout the body because it is not only the nector of life but can be carrying deadly diseases such as malaria, AIDS or hepatitis. Sometimes one may indulge and take the risk on instinct if they like to live life on the edge and flirt with danger. It's also been said that a bleeding wound sends a message to the brain which then releases a chemical and creates a calming effect. Because of this, self mutilation, also known as cutting, has become a very popular way of "dealing" with life during adolescence. It transfers mental pain to physical making it easier to cope.

Whether you use a scalpel, a needle, a razor blade, a knife or other pointy objects.... If you do it for the gushing blood, a small trickle, to numb the pain, as a ritual, for the scars, or to see it coagulated and stain.... You can find plenty of plasma and blood cells being released in different ways at the PictIcon. Fantasmo, Rev. Leyba & Lady Hades Performance.
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Watch people hanging from hooks, drawing blood, menstruating, and smearing their vital force across their bodies at the PictIcon. We have erotic piercing photosets, hypodermic needle shots, sadistic vampires, cutters, flagellation, BDSM, and more. SEE ALL OF OUR BLOODSPORTS THUMBNAILS FOR FREE! Join the PictIcon where we cater to your bloodiest fantasy. Release your anger, and let your inner demon show. The PictIcon will allow you to explore your fetish of the darkside, and flirt with lust, power, and life itself. Lick it up, baby.
Explore the PictIcon for Videos, Pictures, and Ideas about Sex!
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