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Submissive Blood Play
Step into a world of pure decadence with Gabriella and China Blue. It's a land of domination and submission. A place filled with hands clasped tightly over throats and blood trickling slowly from open wounds caused by deathly sharp razors. What could be better than cuttings and asphyxiation? Straight from the Paul Benchley collection, come party on the dark side. There's plenty of crimson blood and milky white skin to go around. Dominate. Control. Come test your limits at the PictIcon. ...Can you handle it? Call it blood play, bloodplay, blood sports, cutting--these goth vampires with their fangs, needles, piercings, and bloodlettings deal with one of the most primitive and vital of all human life forces.
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Oh yes, the PictIcon is the place to go for all things gothic and vampy. Give in to your evil, sadistic alter-ego and watch ropes wrapped tightly around helpless slaves and needles pierced deeply into human flesh. You can see scalpels dragged across willing skin and see femsubs sip from blood-filled goblets. There are beatings and whippings, and spankings and paddlings. Hooks, fangs, gags, CBT, tightly laced corsets, suspensions, piercings, nipple clamps, bloodlettings. Come to the PictIcon, GET ABUSED. All of our thumbnails are FREE, but it will cost you your soul to see them up close. Just kidding, but we do have three-day trial for you cheap vampire lovers out there. It's just PENNIES a day to see pictures and download videos. Take a bite out of Picticon today. Bloody Kisses, and nightmares for all...!
Explore the PictIcon for Videos, Pictures, and Ideas about Sex!
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