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This colorful and astounding book features the explorations by computer animation pioneer Judson Rosebush to use artificial intelligence to make erotic Art. In this volume, the author creates synthetic personalities and embodies them to tell stories, join a sorority house, work in a strip club, and explore sexual situations, oftentimes with unexpected complications. The results include photorealistic personalities, mythological characters brought to life, robotic creations, and strange concoctions where the AI gets creative. Everyone who looks at this book is amazed at both the realism and personality of the characters, and engaged by the five essays that detail the successes and frustrations, and the many issues that swirl around AI Art, including altering preexisting images.
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Book is 8.5x11 inches, 260 pages, coated paper, color throughout, five essays, over 400 full-color AI-generated images. ISBN 9798989809424, L/C 2024931631. Printed copies are available from Edge Interactive Publishing Inc., 15 China Circle Court, Carmel, NY 10512, $100 postpaid, check or money order.
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