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Sybian and Fucking Machine Videos
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Fucking Machines & Sybians Extreme Climaxing
Edge Interactive Publishing Inc., publishers of the Picticon, announce the release of 100 Sybian and Fucking videos, along with stills and descriptive titles and text.

The collection includes engaging videos shot by David Slaughter, Paradise Webmasters, and others. Videos are available at a variety of resolutions including high bit rate AVIs, MiniDV format, DVD, MP4 and custom media.


Each video features a performer who goes for a ride on a Sybian, fucking machine or other machine sex device. The scenes, which tend to run 10-15 minutes long, present real and truly amazing reactions to being penetrated by a sex machine with controls for vibration as well as movement; some performers ride the machines to exhausting climax, some burst into uncontrolled laughter, some simply can't handle the experience.

The variations in performance are astounding. Many of the riders are web virgins, others are seasoned performers. But there is no faking in these videos. Sometimes the performer is permitted to control the device, but more frequently the controls are in the hands of the cameraman, who drives the performance onward. Sometimes two riders compete, each with the other's controls in hand. Occasionally the performer is bound or held down in place, so that her orgasms are forced.


But no matter what the scenario, surfers will want to screen each and every one of these videos.

Surfers, affiliates, and licensees have a variety of opportunities to participate in the monetization of these rare and very special scenes. First, they are being deployed in the Picticon, Edge's showcase website. Direct links to these pages allow Picticon Affiliates and lease-site customers direct access as well. Secondly, the scenes are being deployed in Clips4Sale, and traffic opportunities exist here also. Finally, the collection is available for license either on an individual scene basis or as a whole lot.

Call or email Edge Interactive Publishing for licensing and affiliate opportunities at a resolution that fits your needs. With over 900 minutes of screaming Sybian video, surfers will be engaged for many hours. Call Tom, Jen, or Judson at Edge Interactive, 212-581-3000 or email publisher@goedge.com.
Editors! This art is 1536x1024 pixels. Please contact Edge if you need alternate or additional artwork.
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