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K.V.i.B. Bathing Beauties Hosted Gallery
PictIcon Master Page
Edge Interactive Publishing announces the release of the "K.V.i.B. Bathing Beauties Hosted Gallery." This gallery demonstrates to vintage erotica and postcard collectors worldwide the seriousness of the Picticon Vintage Collections. This announcement and its linked pages follows our announcement of the rapid access "Picticon Vintage Portal," by 1900 through 1980s.

The Picticon Scene Page associated with the Hosted Gallery contains a pioneering Internet effort to bring together in one place the KViB Bathing Beauties, perhaps the largest color printing of its time. Scandalous, under-dressed, smoking. 26 scans German/American pre-The Great War.

A Hosted Gallery contains five publication grade sample pictures (inquire sans-indicia):


All Picticon Preview Scene Page contains a join opportunity. This one contains ample information to keep the serious Surfer engaged; for the wandering eye all the surrounding skyscrapers reflects him or her back into our clusters of vintage and (in this case) the bathing beach. Plus all the menus work.


The Hosted Gallery and the Preview Scene Page are but singular examples of hundreds of pages devoted to Vintage. It is hoped that a Surfer will use the wide-open navigation and see how many pages of quality are to be found, and join with us to make the Picticon better.

Mainstreamers and bloggers should feel welcome to pick up this release, and hammer the links. Advisors who can help with enrichment are also welcomed. Contact lgx at goedge.com.
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