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New York--May 29, 2008

Why do people visit the Picticon when they can get hours of free porn and thousands of free pictures? Because it is interesting. Take for example our recently re-released collections of Adult Webmaster Parties. We quite understand that the Picticon by no means has a monolopy on these gatherings. Our commitment is more modest, but it is different and it is interesting.
Surfers can see the Picticon spin on the subject. All told we have over 100 scenes and 3000 pictures here.

This group is between 1999 and 2005:


And this from 2005 and newer:


In the Picticon we organize the material editorially so as to form stories. Ideas about what is going on and what is sexy. Bartenders in a hotel suit working topless is sweet. A group of strippers working a private party is sweet. A gal who wants to flash her stuff in front of a crowd by the pool. Lots more. We think it's the stories that combine to turn people on. Our videos are great, yes, our pictures are great also, but our stories, the fabric which binds it all together, that is a great part of what we are trying to bring you with the Picticon.

We think sex should be fun, a joyful experience, one done without shame, and with pleasure, learning, and sharing with a partner. The sex can be quick and physical, or drawn out and developmental. Mental. In the Adult Webmaster Parties the "sex" is full of tease, from smiles to bellies to asses to clit. The following TGP features a sampling of flashers is available for traffic relationships:


Let' face it, flashing tits at a porn conference is fun. It's a fun exchange with strange and often new lady, quick, staged and contained, shared. And shared with our Picticon surfers. The 100 Adult Webmaster Party pages represent 100 scenes out of the 6500 scene Picticon collection and 3000 pictures out of our total of over 200,000. Any or all of it is available for license, or lease, and marketing relationships. Call us at 212-581-3000 or email lgx@goedge.com.

Why do people visit the Picticon when they can get free porn? Because it is interesting, engaging, and fun.

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