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The Picticon "New Look"

New York--May 8, 2008

Visit the May 2008 monthly release and get a taste of the Picticon "New Look." The new Picticon has

*Widened the screen to HDTV size
*Added unique visuals to each page
*Stacked internal links on the page
*Enhanced "previous/next" controls
*Introduced "smart placement" software

The New Look appears in both the Full Preview Pages as well as the Members Area. We are just beginning this update and the first area we have deployed is our collection of Japanese Glamour--in fact we have augmented these collections and now present almost 200 model-scenes and over 10,000 pictures!


"We want to give our surfers a more rich experience--something that has value," states Edge designer Kathy Hayes. "There is so much free porn out there that we feel we need to give the surfer more value--and so we are making the surfing experience enjoyable, classy, interesting, and fun. That's why we've gone wider, bigger, bolder, more colorful, and more "clicky."
"By "clicky" I mean the sidebars--these are links which reflect the surfer into different regions of the Picticon. They are programatically displayed based on the keywords in our database--in other words they relate to the scene. For example, in the Japanese pages (above), there is a lot of teasy material--bikinis, lingerie, beaches, hose and so on--so the skyscrapers enable the surfer to jump off in those directions. Our brand new "smart placement" software fits different size banners onto the page depending upon the page depth and relative importance of the niche. It's all about making the surfing experience easier and more fun."

Click here to link to a gallery page that features the Picticon's Japanese Glamour Content:


Picticon is a 2257 compliant product. You may license any of the content from our 6500 pages, utilize the Picticon as a plug-in anywhere in your website, contract for any one of 200 custom niche-oriented websites, snake the content into your pages, or form traffic relationships with us. Contact Edge Interactive Publishing Inc./New York at 212-581-3000 or 800-582-3343 or email lgx@goedge.com.

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