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The Roaring Twenties Press Release
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Edge Announces the Picticon Roaring Twenties Collection

New York--January 20, 2008

Edge Interactive Publishing Inc. announces The Picticon Roaring Twenties Collection--a distinguished collection of vintage images from the 1920s that is available to surfers as part of the Picticon.

Webmasters can license one or many scenes for their server, or lease them via the Picticon, our global image server and Edge will serve them.

The Roaring Twenties collection currently features 28 unique sets totaling over 1000 pictures. The images are a mixture of black and white and hand-tinted color and are genuine to the period. What is unique and special about the collection is the organization of the material that includes many numbered sets from vintage French postcard publishers such as A. Noyer, B.M.V., Bleuet, Corona, DIX, EK Co, JB Paris, Leo, Lydia, PC Paris, Rex, SAPI, SOL, Super, and the Travers les Coulisses showgirls. The collections from Lydia, PC Paris and SOL number over 100 each and contain excellent scans of some of the finest nude photography of the period.

In addition to the postcards, the Edge Picticon Roaring Twenties Collection includes thematic collections including Nude Beauties, Bathing Beauties, Beach Candids, Dancers and Music Hall Scenes, Pinup Poses, and Movie Stars (including nudes of many famous actresses of the period such as Alla Nazimova, Anna May Wong, and Betty Blythe, Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Josephine Baker, Louise Brooks, and Norma Shearer). There is a section which features the possibilities of the newly invented automobile trip, vintage illustrated erotica, and even selections from Gerhard Riebicke and the German Naturalist Movement, and the rare and historical Dickerson's Medical Atlas.

The Roaring Twenties Collection complements Edge Picticon collections for each decade between 1900 and 2000, all of which are found in the Picticon. All these collections are undated on an ongoing basis.

A page with links and full-resolution sample pictures is found here:


A sampling of the Roaring Twenties is found in the Picticon here:


A sampling that includes collections of individual movie stars is found in the Picticon here:


Contact Edge Interactive Publishing Inc./New York at 212-581-3000 or 800-582-3343 or email lgx@goedge.com for licensing, affiliate, or turnkey website arrangements.

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