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Mermaid Parade Press Release
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1243 images Coney Island Mermaind Parade June 23, 2007. Call 212-581-3000 to license rights.

Coney Island, New York-June 23, 2007

The weather is sunny but mild and you bet there are more than a million people here. It's the 25th Annual Mermaid Parade, the annual gathering of mermaids, mermen, sirens, an occasional devil, but also snails and plant life. Colorful costumes with authentic late 20th century Coney Island exteriors. Pasties are big this year, with bullets as well as starfish, sheriff's badges, electrical and gaffer tape, and such. There are some very big swinging boobs with just tape. Bodypainting is hot and creative, and includes bodypainted nipples on topless lasses. One starfish refers to one such creatures as "man honey." And there are also more than a pair of outed nipples--one with a strapless gown worn just below, and the other in red boobless underwire. She is not the only lingerie outing today, in fact lingerie is loose everywhere.

Shooting is by Fantasmo, and is 1243 pictures. License raws now and be ahead of even the Picticon laying it into lease. Resolution is 2240x1680. Pictures are very bright and include lots of closeups of heads and faces, bras and bikinis, hose and heels, tattoos and body art, and of course, all of the mermaid details: tails, wings, fins, etceteras. There is shade as well as bright sunlight and the colors really snap. Suitable for print publication, and for web release. Lower resolution files available, lease available. These images do not fall under the envelope of 2257 and are public domain model rights. Edge has all photographer rights. Call 212-581-3000 for fastest attention.
brunettes brunette caucasian exterior bodypaint
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